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Business Logo Designs by Gremgan

Explore a diverse range of creative and innovative logo designs crafted by Gremgan. Specializing in different type of logo design for diversified companies, each piece in this portfolio showcases a unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking. Dive in to discover how these logos have helped businesses create a strong brand identity.


1. Understanding the Business & Client’s Vision

At Gremgan, we believe that designing is not just about creating visually appealing elements, but about capturing and reflecting the emotions and aspirations of our clients. We take our responsibility seriously, engaging in detailed discussions to ensure that the logos we create are not just symbols, but a reflection of our client’s vision and business.

2. Researching Current Market Trends

Once we have a clear understanding of our client’s needs, we delve into an extensive research process. This involves studying the logos of competitors, keeping abreast with the latest market trends, and exploring new concepts. Our goal is to ensure that our designs are not only unique but also relevant and competitive.

3. Delivering the First Draft

Our initial delivery includes 2-3 well-researched and meticulously designed logo concepts. We then invite our clients to choose the one that resonates most with them. If needed, we are always open to making revisions to ensure that our designs align perfectly with our client’s vision.

4. Revision as per Instructions

We value our client’s feedback and understand that revisions may be necessary to achieve the perfect design. We are committed to working diligently until our clients are completely satisfied with their logo.

5. Final Delivery

Upon completion of the design process, we provide all necessary files including .jpg, .png, .svg, .ai formats. This ensures that our clients can use their logo in any size without compromising on quality.

A Journey Through Logo Design Styles

Step into the realm of logo design, where creativity meets strategy. Discover the elegance of Wordmarks, the distinctiveness of Letterforms, and the compact power of Lettermarks. Marvel at the universal appeal of Symbols, the visual complexity of Abstract logos, and the playful charm of Mascots. Appreciate the traditional strength of Emblems, the versatility of Combination logos, and the evolving nature of Dynamic Logos. Each style serves a unique purpose in branding, shaping memorable identities. Embark on this journey to understand these nine logo types and let it inspire your branding story.

Wordmark Logo
Logo Symbols
Emblem Logo
Letterform Logo
Abstract Logo
Combination Logo
Lettermark/Monogram Logo
Mascot Logo
Dynamic Logo

Ready to Get Your Logo?

We hope that above information satisfies your question about the logo design process and type of logo you're looking for. But if still there is something you need to know or discuss then please free free to contact us.

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